Personnel policy

The Company has an active personnel policy.

The human resources capable of the professional management of the Company’s production goals are the main factor which influences the competitive ability, economical growth and the production effectiveness of the Company.

The main direction of the personnel development of the Company is personnel policy. Personnel policy is a set of basic principles which are implemented by the personnel safety service of the company. The personnel policy determines the philosophy and principles to be implemented by the Company’s directorship. The main goal is to provide an optimal balance between renovation and maintenance of the personnel according to the needs of the company, the laws and the condition of the present labor-market.

Personnel - is the main and determinative factor of production.

The Company provides a flexible system of personnel management. The functioning of this system includes solving of complex managerial, labor, financial, economic, social, educational and other issues which determine the fundamental principles of the Company’s personnel policy:

  • Creation of integrated principles of strategic management and personnel development;
  • Integration of personnel policy and strategic planning of the company taking into account the personnel work on all levels;
  • Adopting a coordinated policy of tariff and renumeration of labor;
  • Development of economic incentives and social guarantees;
  • Protection of rights and guarantees of Company’s staff;
  • Preparation of standards and guidance materials insuring a high level of personnel management.